I was impressed by their capacity of adaptation and training, as well by the originality and the effectiveness of their solutions. Neosoft was able to manage the various tasks well in order to complete the work requested in time.

...its team knew to effectively work in order to produce functional, effective and original systems.

Neosoft Technologies and its team always showed professionalism, dynamism and originality in their projects.

- Dr A., Ph.D.
Research and Development for Defence
of Canada (RDDC) Valcartier
Meet us at our booth at the NITS in Ottawa.
November / 2010
Neosoft successfully completes the second phase of the DSC system for the Canadian Space Agency.
October / 2010
Neosoft delivers an airborne imagery system based on a NI platform.
August / 2010
Neosoft has obtained its ISO 9001 certification. 
February / 2009
Meet us at our booth at the National Instruments Technical Symposium in Montreal.  November / 2009.
Neosoft delivers a state of the art datalogging system to the Canadian Space Agency.
March / 2009
Neosoft awarded an important contract with the Canadian Space Agency. December / 2007
Meet us at our booth at the National Instruments Technical Symposium in Montreal. November / 2007
Two of Neosoft's employees obtained their Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) certification, demonstrating again the expertise acquired by Neosoft Technologies with LabVIEW. November / 2007
Neosoft Technologies becomes a National Instruments Associate Alliance Partner. September 2007
Neosoft Technologies delivers the first systems of a large LabVIEW / Compact FieldPoint distributed data acquisition and control system for DRDC Valcartier. March / 2006
Neosoft Technologies win an important contract for the implementation of National Instruments technologies at DRDC Valcartier experimental complex. October / 2005
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Automated Test and Calibration Equipments (ATE)
Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems
Electronic Systems Selection, Integration and Testing
Machine Vision
Embedded Systems
Data Management Systems
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
We combine knowledge and software tools with expertise in a wide range of industries to provide customers with complete working solutions for their test and automation needs. Using proven development and implementation standards, we’ve successfully tackled many engineering projects for both large and small businesses. We work equally well with large companies, government agencies and small startups, and enjoy the variety and challenge presented by such a diverse clientele.

We offer customized software and electronics systems engineering using the latest programming languages, development tools and other new technologies. Neosoft has proven expertise in several fields, including geographical information systems (GIS), high speed data acquisition and analysis, embedded systems, state-of-the-art electronic systems selection, integration and testing, simulation, automated test and calibration equipments (ATE) and databases. We have skilled professionals in the field of software engineering and electrical engineering.

Neosoft Technologies will assist you with a wide array of services. Our main goal is to provide effective solutions to technological challenges, with services such as:

Neosoft Technologies has an effective multiple phase methodology for the execution of software development for a project or product. Neosoft has its own proven practices, processes, tools, and infrastructure needed to define, design, develop, and deliver mission-critical software solutions. Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of engineers and expand the creative potential of the company.

We are specializing in software design for:


How are our clients benefited by our Software Development services?

Skilled and certified engineers.
Significant reduction in development, deployment, integration, and maintenance costs due to a better architecture that is built to last.
Solid experience in projects of different complexity and scope.
Mature software development process.
Optimized efficiencies by elimination of redundancy, waste, and clutter.
Enhanced software development efficiencies through code reuse.
Reduced software development and maintenance costs.
Increased software quality through process rigor and reuse of pre-tested, pre-assembled, custom assets.
On-time and within budget delivery.
High responsiveness.

Neosoft Technologies has provided many solutions using custom software that have a large number of projects that have been accomplished on time, within budget, and to exact customer specifications.


We provide effective solutions thanks to our process knowledge, technical expertise and commitment to delivery. Our system integration practice provides end-to-end management from requirements development to solution integration and on-going support. We have a large number of projects that have been accomplished on time, within budget, and to exact customer specifications.


Neosoft Technologies designs the hardware and software required for measuring conformance of product features. Our solutions will help you to characterize your products under a variety of conditions to understand the robustness of the design. We are devoted to selecting the right sensors, data acquisition and signal conditioning hardware to ensure accurate measurements. Our software merges graphical displays, data processing, and statistical analysis for quick review of acquired data.
We offer Automated Test Equipment (ATE) architecture, design and assembly, fixture design and ATE startup and certification.


Neosoft provide complete automated test equipment, turn-key measurement and calibration systems, specifications development, technical consulting and hardware/software development utilizing the most advanced technologies.


Neosoft has developed an expertise in the design and development of custom Geographical Information Systems.


Neosoft provide advanced data management solutions, built specifically for our customers needs, that will improve test data organization, resource planning, and automated processes for analysis and report generation.

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