I was impressed by their capacity of adaptation and training, as well by the originality and the effectiveness of their solutions. Neosoft was able to manage the various tasks well in order to complete the work requested in time.

...its team knew to effectively work in order to produce functional, effective and original systems.

Neosoft Technologies and its team always showed professionalism, dynamism and originality in their projects.

- Dr A., Ph.D.
Research and Development for Defence
of Canada (RDDC) Valcartier
Meet us at our booth at the NITS in Ottawa.
November / 2010
Neosoft successfully completes the second phase of the DSC system for the Canadian Space Agency.
October / 2010
Neosoft delivers an airborne imagery system based on a NI platform.
August / 2010
Neosoft has obtained its ISO 9001 certification. 
February / 2009
Meet us at our booth at the National Instruments Technical Symposium in Montreal.  November / 2009.
Neosoft delivers a state of the art datalogging system to the Canadian Space Agency.
March / 2009
Neosoft awarded an important contract with the Canadian Space Agency. December / 2007
Meet us at our booth at the National Instruments Technical Symposium in Montreal. November / 2007
Two of Neosoft's employees obtained their Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) certification, demonstrating again the expertise acquired by Neosoft Technologies with LabVIEW. November / 2007
Neosoft Technologies becomes a National Instruments Associate Alliance Partner. September 2007
Neosoft Technologies delivers the first systems of a large LabVIEW / Compact FieldPoint distributed data acquisition and control system for DRDC Valcartier. March / 2006
Neosoft Technologies win an important contract for the implementation of National Instruments technologies at DRDC Valcartier experimental complex. October / 2005
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Automated Test and Calibration Equipments (ATE)
Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems
Electronic Systems Selection, Integration and Testing
Machine Vision
Embedded Systems
Data Management Systems
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

We have a long list of satisfied customers from a variety of different industries, each of whom have presented us with unique challenges and requirements:

    The imagery system has been developed with LabVIEW and is used aboard an aircraft for agriculture research. It's running on an industrial National Instruments computer under LabVIEW Real-Time.  

We used a NI PXI chassis to support a high data throughput and a FPGA to benefit its determinism.

A simulated accelerometer and a custom SPI port have been developed in the FPGA to provide simulated acceleration data to the DUT.

  Closed Vessel Testing  

This LabVIEW system is in charge of controlling the firing of an energetic material sample contained in a Closed Vessel, acquiring the pressure vs. time data. Thermodynamical analysis is then performed using the acquired data.


This LabVIEW system acquires position and pressure data from sensors while a weight is dropped on a sample of the material to be tested. The LabVIEW software then computes many parameters, such as Ultimate Strain Tensile using the acquired data.

The Strand Burner is a system used to test properties of experimental propergol and other rocket propellant. The LabVIEW system controls the initial parameters such as temperature and pressure. It then initiates the firing and acquires several data such as burn rate, temperature and pressure. The acquired data are analyzed to obtain thermodynamic properties of the energetic material.

The system is used to save and secure and analyze the data obtained from LabVIEW acquisition systems. The system can be used to review the data from any web browser or to import them in Microsoft Excel. The system has been designed using LabVIEW, SQL Server, Visual Studio, C#, ASP.NET and Microsoft Internet Information Server.


Design of an automated test bench of spectrophotometer's new generation electronic boards using National Instruments products (LabVIEW / PXI). Programmed in LabVIEW and using seven National Instruments DAQ cards, the system checks the DSP, the FPGA, the System On a Chip computer, the voltages, frequency response, ADC, DAC, Ethernet communication, LVDS, RS-232, RS-422, I2C, USB, memory, etc.


CrIS (Cross Track Infrared Sounder) is a scientific measurement instrument which will be embarked on NPOESS, the last generation of satellite weather for the United States. The GSE which was developed using LabVIEW is used to perform calibration, thermal cycling and thermal balances of the CrIS instrument. It automates the control of the apparatuses and the acquisition of the data at the time of the tests.


SARPlan (Search And Rescue Planning) is a GIS system for optimal mission planning for search and rescue. Neosoft worked on the architecture and development of SARPlan. Technologies : Visual C++ 6.0 / MFC, Oracle 8i, UML, Rational Rose, MapObjects 2.0.




Development of a software being used to control an intermolecular forces measurement system using NI LabVIEW. The software is connected to a camera CCD which captures fringes displayed by an interferometer.


Mr St-Laurent took part in the development of the INNAV system as a consultant. INNAV is a Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Integrated Marine Information System, system aiming at providing services of communications, of regulation of the sea traffic on the St-Lawrence River, providing information to the intervening of the maritime world and first line assistance to ships in distress. Mr St-Laurent developed several processing units of the complex system using Visual C++ / MFC.


While he was working for General Electric of Canada, Mr St-Laurent worked in the software R&D team of the VIM electronic meter. He developed the embedded software in charge of sampling AC signals in real-time and computing several power and energy values. The calibration algorithms of the device permit to obtain a high degree of accuracy by correcting the errors induced by the electronics. Participated in the design of new generation of meters designed around a Motorola DSP. Environment: Motorola 68HC11, Real-time Nohau Emulator, C, Assembler, Motorola DSP.


While he was still studying engineering at the university, Mr. St-Laurent offered to Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering to design an automated test equipment.
The software developed with NI LabWindows, automated the precision testing of laser sources. The software controlled an environmental chamber in which were the devices under test while reading the measurements taken by Exfo fiber optics power meter cards installed in the computer.

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