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Neosoft has partnered with several key companies in order to offer the best solutions to our customers. On top of these official partnerships, we have also collaborated with multiple other vendors over hundreds of projects.

National Instruments

For 40 years, NI has worked with engineers and scientists to provide answers to the most challenging questions. Through these pursuits, NI customers have brought hundreds of thousands of products to market, overcome innumerable technological roadblocks, and engineered a better life for us all. If you can turn it on, connect it, drive it, or launch it, chances are NI technology helped make it happen.



DQMH-R-Trusted Advisor Logo

Delacor - DQMH® Trusted Advisors

DQMH Trusted Advisors have been audited by Delacor to verify they are following our best practices and have a deep understanding of the DQMH Architecture. At Delacor we believe our priority should be ensuring customer success. This means selecting the best architecture and tools for the project. DQMH Trusted Advisors have demonstrated they know when DQMH is the best option and when a different architecture is more appropriate.

DQMH Trusted Advisors can help you start a new project or perform maintenance or upgrades to existing projects created using the DQMH framework.


Virinco – WATS/SkyWATS

WATS by Virinco is designed from ground up to support an organization’s needs in terms of data integrity, security, performance and scalability. Data is collected from the clients installed on each test machine, and transferred to a server hosted in a Microsoft Azure cloud. WATS transforms test and repair data into actionable information before critical situations occur, by providing easy access to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), yield, trends and more – all in real time, through your browser!

http://www.virinco.com – http://www.skywats.com


The C2MI is an international beacon in advanced packaging and microsystems. As a Centre of Excellence, its goal is to allow its members to foster the growth of the microelectronics industry through the accelerated commercialization of market-driven prototypes.

Active and seamless collaboration and synergy among the Center’s members enables the rapid commercialization of next-generation prototypes.


Réseau Photonique du Québec

Optonique network is group that is focus on the photonic industry and represents it to the various governments in order to promote the industry.



Association des Manufacturier de Québec - AMEQ

ISEQ is Quebec’ Electronic Systems Industry cluster.