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NSC NeosyslogCollector

NeoSyslog Collector : Syslog server with advanced functionalities !

NSC (NeoSyslog Collector) enables you to receive and parse Syslog messages that follows RFC3164. It can receive UDP and TCP messages since the listening ports is configurable.

There are 2 types of licenses with different functionalities. All available functionalities are :

  • Live visualization (accumulation)
  • Live visualization per message type (last value)
  • Recording to a database
  • Database query
  • Import / export Syslog messages
  • Able to print selected data

Live visualization

NSC is capable of receiving Syslog messages via Ethernet (UDP or TCP). These messages are parse in the same order of arrival.
It is possible to color code messages based on the severity code in order to better differentiate messages of interest.

You can also pause the live update so that you can better analyze the data or to delete current messages in the table. All messages received during the pause are kept in memory until you un-pause.

Live visualization per message type(last value) – Paid license

The ‘Last value’ table shows only the last message received for that type. Hence, if you have a periodic or repetitive message with the same Severity Code, Facility Code, Message Tag from the same IP and Host, then the message is updated on the same line.

neosysog collector last value

This removes continuous scrolling of repetitive messages as well as makes it easier to see the message’s content change live.
From the table, you can right-click on the message of interest to show a graph display of a numeric value that is present in the message content.

neosyslog collector graph

Recording to a database and query functions – Paid license

All messages received are recorded into the internal database immediately.
Use the Post-Mortem interface to view and query the recorded data.

Neosyslog collector PostMortem

You can filter displayed messages based on several criteria. This helps your analysis.

Import/export recorded data – Paid license

All data shown in the Post-Mortem interface are exportable in order to share the data or archive it.
It is also possible to import back that file to visualize its’ data.
Neosyslog collector export options

Print selected data – Paid license

Selected data can be directly sent to a printer for printing.


The functionalities per type of license is presented in the next table:

Fonctionnalities Free Paid
Live visualization checkmark checkmark
Configurable checkmark checkmark
Visualization by message type(last value) crossmark checkmark
Recording to internal database crossmark checkmark
Internal database query for post analysis crossmark checkmark
Import / Export recorded data crossmark checkmark
Print selected messages crossmark checkmark

User Manual

The user manual is available at NeoSyslog Collector user manual