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Portable Data Acquisition

Do you need to measure physical phenomenon? Then you need a data acquisition system. We have a portable data acquisition system that is rugged and flexible to meet your requirements. It support a wide range of sensors. You can measure thermocouples, accelerometers, pressure transducers, strain gages, microphones, current sensor, voltage sensor, encoders, and much more.

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NDT Analyzer Software

Do you have data from your non-destructive test that you’d like to analyse? How about integrating other instruments and automating your process? We can help you with our NDT-Analyzer software that is open and flexible to adapt to your requirements.

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Biaxial Tensile

Do you do research on tissue and require a Biaxial Tensile that can adapt to your research? We have developed an open Biaxial Tensile that can adapt to your current and future research needs. We can easily add a camera to track and measurement the specimen under stress.

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WATS/SkyWATS from Virinco

How can you make sense of your test data? We have partnered with Virinco to offer their WATS solutions. It is a test data management and analysis software that can be used to get your product KPI and SCP. With WATS, you’ll make sense of your test data and make your product better.

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