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FlexLogger Email Alerts

FlexLogger Email Alerts : be warned when your signals get out of control!

Your signals are continuously acquired using FlexLogger and you don’t want to monitor them yourself continuously, but simply want to be notified if one of your signals exceeds a significant threshold!

With this in mind, Neosoft Technologies has created the ‘Channel(s) Email Alert’ plugin specifically dedicated to FlexLogger!

This plugin allows you to choose a list of FlexLogger channels to monitor and apply a threshold to them.
If the threshold is exceeded, an email is sent to one or more recipients.

FlexLogger Email Alert settings

As long as a monitored signal has not dropped below the detection threshold, no more emails will be sent back (to avoid receiving hundreds of emails). Once back below the detection threshold, the sending becomes active again and a new email will be sent if the signal exceeds the alarm threshold again.

It is possible to create different alert thresholds for the same signals by adding other instances of this plugin to FlexLogger.

FlexLogger Email Alert View

More information in the user manual: Channel(s) Monitoring With Email Alarm_User Manual

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