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The aerospace and defence industry is typically regarded as a leader in quality and reliability. All manufacturers are working hard at developing the next generation of products to try to gain a competitive edge. The time to market is crucial and companies need to focus on their core business where they can get a better ROI. That is why a lot of customer choses to partner with Neosoft in order to be more efficient.

Some examples are:

  • Adding more measurement points in your testCell
  • Managing absolescence
  • Applying Industry 4.0 principals to your production
  • Adding machine vision system to your production
  • V&V systems for your new Fly-by-wire products
  • Adding standard protocol like ARINC, MIL-STD-1553,  etc
  • Testing new proprietary protocol through the use of FPGAs
  • Adding new sensors and actuators to your systems
  • And much more

Cases Studies

Automated Fine Guidance Sensor alignment system

The goal was to automate the alignment of the Fine Guidance Sensor of a telescope. The final system aligned several telescopes mounted in an aluminum structure..