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Data Acquisition & Control SCADA

Do you need to measure different sensor with various acquisition speeds? We have a data acquisition system based on National Instruments products that can scale and adapt to your needs. This system can be added to your current setup. Custom signal processing can also be added into the solution.

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Automated Test

Do you need to automate your test? We have help design, develop and deploy multiple automated test solution in various industries. Let’s start your need automated test station on a trusted platform that has been already deployed. Our solution is based on NI LabVIEW, NI TestStand and WATS from Virinco.

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Embedded System with FPGA

Do you have a control project that requires a dedicated system? We have a platform with a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) coupled with an FPGA and its Inputs/Outputs that will meet all your requirements.

It is based on the NI CompactRIO system that has been deployed all around the world. We can also add redundancy for critical applications.

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Vision Inspection

Would you like to protect your brand with automated inspection by machine vision? We have completed several machine vision applications that make sure the product being ship meets your standard. A lot of progress was made in the machine vision space in the past years. It is now a lot more affordable and easier to deploy.

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