Neosoft DHCP server

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Neosoft DHCP Server: stop manually assigning your devices’ IP !

Do you sometimes struggle to manually set the IPs of your Ethernet devices in your instrument rack ?

If like us, you include many LXI devices, CompactRIOs, PXI chassis or even Ethernet cDAQ into your systems, you’ll have to manually discover them and set their IP statically.

This process is painfull and frustrating, but it now over with our LabVIEW made DHCP server !

Include this DHCP server in your application and the pain will be gone !

Neosoft DHCP server is available as a DQMH module or a standalone application

Neosoft DHCP Server as a DQMH module

You can download the DHCP server on VIPM and use it directly in your LabVIEW code !
This implementation is made as a DQMH module and, therefore, exposes a public API allowing you to handle different configuration and utilizations scenarios.

Neosoft DHCP Server as a standalone application

You can use the DHCP server as a standalone tool to assign IP adresses for your Ethernet instruments.
The installer can be downloaded here : DHCP Server Installer