Embedded System

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Our embedded system will enable you to jumpstart your project with a solid foundation in order to accelerate your time to market and your product’s evolution. We favor a balanced approached in using commercially off the shelf products and custom products.

We have delivered multiple projects based on the NI CompactRIO platform. It is a platform with a real-time controller coupled with a reconfigurable FPGA for advanced processing and synchronisation with various Input/Outputs modules to fit your needs.

Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)

Be confident with the execution of the software on a hardtimed Real-Time Operating System that is capable of leveraging multi-core CPUs.


Have all the flexibility with reconfigurable FPGAs where you can add processing, control and synchronisation easily while maintaining the ruggedness of custom electronics.

Get to market faster

In the end, you will innovate faster and get to market faster with our embedded system solution.

Do you need a redundant solution? We have already delivered redundant solutions.

Cases Studies

Machine Vision for real-time detection and correction of textile tissue misalignment

The goal of this project is to detect and correct any textile tissue misalignment in real-time during manufacturing. Misalignment detection involves capturing images of the fabric..