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Electronics are everywhere. It will continue as we move toward a more connect world with the Industry 4.0 revolution. Your brand is built on the quality of the products that you deliver. Let us bring our expertise to the table to help built your automated test. Our partnership with Virinco for their WATS products enables us to provide complete automated test solutions for our customers around the world.

Cases Studies

Validate CAN (J1939) interface on multiple UUTs with NI TestStand and NI LabVIEW

By using LabVIEW and TestStand, we were able to build a generic librairy that would enable to read/write CAN message based on the SAE J1939 standard..

Automated Fine Guidance Sensor alignment system

The goal was to automate the alignment of the Fine Guidance Sensor of a telescope. The final system aligned several telescopes mounted in an aluminum structure..