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A project’s success is by definition hard to achieve since it is a balance of managing uncertainties and the various risks at hand.

  • Is your project’s schedule tight?
  • Are you in need of expert in your team for specific task not related to your Core Business?
  • Do you need a partner that is versatile to help you complete your project?
  • Your project is not part of your Core Business?

Neosoft’s team is composed of expert in system integration that will reduce your project’s risk and will provide proven solution in order to increase your project’s success probability.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your projects. We offer a 1 hour free consultation to determine if there is a fit or not.

See our Case Study section for an idea of some projects we’ve delivered.

Cases Studies

Automated Fine Guidance Sensor alignment system

The goal was to automate the alignment of the Fine Guidance Sensor of a telescope. The final system aligned several telescopes mounted in an aluminum structure..