Each industry has its’ own challenges. Since our foundation in 2000, Neosoft has assisted many customers from across multiple industries in different stages. Some were start-ups, others are Fortune 100 companies.

Defence & Aerospace

Each program typically needs to be supported for many years and this is one of the toughest challenges. Neosoft as experience is helping on new programs as well as existent programs that face the typical obsolescence problem. We have help move proprietary solution to COTS.


As this industry continues to evolve, it combines the know-how, the capacity to innovate for detection, quality control, monitoring, design and imagery. Neosoft’s engineers’ know-how can assist you. Let’s discuss your project.


For all your electronics project, we can assists you in the feasibility study including the financial aspect, the design, the development, the deployment and long term support. Accelerate innovation with Neosoft.


There are lots of challenges in this industry. Whether it’d for a simple data acquisition campaign or for a real-time monitoring system, Neosoft is able to help. We have delivered several solutions for the energy sector.

Industry 4.0 – IoT

How will you innovate in this industry revolution? Does the Internet of Thing represent a challenge? Neosoft can be your new partner to make sense of this and apply it to your business.


Whether is it for a research project or for a new product development, medical application needs to go through a rigorous process in order to be reliable. Neosoft’s development process will assure you reliability.


Whether it is for a Hardward-in-the-Loop, a rapid prototype or a V&V station, Neosoft will deliver a solution that meet your current and future needs.

R&D & Universities

Your needs are constantly evolving when doing research and typical commercial solutions don’t keep up with your research. Neosoft has experience in delivering solutions that can evolve as your research does.


National Instruments has been revolutionizing the semiconductor industry with its’ Semiconductor Test System (STS) Platform. The STS platform enables you to lower the cost of test by combining modular instrumentation and system design software for RF and mixed-signal production test.