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IoT IIot industry 4.0

IoT, what is it ?

The Internet of Things, foundation of Industry 4.0, is the name given to the principle of connecting different objects to the internet. These objects are mainly sensors and they can be of any type. Our solution makes it possible to connect a temperature sensor, a pressure sensor, a humidity sensor, and many others with no restrictions. We can offer a solution for most common sensors, but also help you make your own sensor communicate!

Neosoft can help you with your Iot projects!

We can connect to your own network, but also create an extensive network to retrieve sensor data.
We use LoRa technology (Long Range) that requires very little power and can send encrypted data up to 10 km in free field.
The strength of our solution allows us to gather information from different sensors and store it in a database. It is even possible to train an artificial intelligence program from the accumulated data.
In addition, we can create customized visualizations for the data received in real time on graphics, tables, and many other formats. Thus, showing your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are relevant to you. All that, directly in a web browser!
As a result, it is very easy to monitor what sensors are measuring from anywhere in real-time.
Also, we can set alarms according to thresholds defined by the user. These alarms can automatically send an email to a user as soon as a threshold is exceeded in order to quickly correct potentially critical situations.
Below is an example of measuring the temperature and humidity in a room in our Montreal office. Each sensor periodically transmits data over LoRaWAN and then stores it for display and processing.

We offer custom solutions built on a proven platform that can scale as your business scales. Our expertise allows us to offer turnkey architectures, but also to design tailor-made solutions for your needs.
Our comprehensive expertise, from measurement chain to data storage and display, enables us to offer a robust and scalable solution. Facilitating the addition of new sensors in your supervision system.

The Internet of Things is, therefore, an important element in the development of a business. It is by understanding and mastering the data that you are able to generate that it becomes possible to make the best forecasts and increase your production capacity.
You will be able to see and understand the behavior of a device, but also to be able to optimize your maintenance operations so that they become predictive rather than preventive.


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