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Why work by yourself when you can easily add experts in your team in order to reduce risk and deliver on time?

Don’t go at it alone. We can assist you in your project by providing insights based on more than 17 years of experience.

We have completed countless projects where we delivered a data acquisition system, a control system (SCADA, HMI), and an embedded system running on a RTOS coupled with a FPGA, machine vision and many more.

These solutions were delivered in various industries including aerospace, electro-optics, electronics, energy, medical, transport/automotive, research center, etc.

Cases Studies

Automated Fine Guidance Sensor alignment system

The goal was to automate the alignment of the Fine Guidance Sensor of a telescope. The final system aligned several telescopes mounted in an aluminum structure..

Real-time machine vision Optical Fiber inspection

The goal of the optical fiber inspection project is to detect defaults during manufacturing in order to mark it and not ship these out of specification..