What can you do with your Windows XP based system?

April 4th 2017

Since April 8th 2014, Microsoft stoped supporting Windows XP officially. This means, no more update, not even security updates nor support. When looking into migrating your system, several aspects must be taken into consideration.

National Instruments has a public document on the subject that is available at: http://www.ni.com/newsletter/52276/en/

In summary, you need:

  • Choose the next version of Windows to migrate. Sometimes, it might be a corporate decision.
  • Determine if you also need to upgrade your hardware
  • Depending on the previous answer, you have to validate that all drivers are available and supported in your programming language.

We have helped several customers in migrating from Windows XP as well as LabVIEW 6.1 to the latest supported software. Let us know if we can help you.

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Vincent Carpentier

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